My Old Amalgam Filling Was Leaking, and Now I Need a Root Canal and Crown. What Happened?

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There are a few different reasons why amalgam fillings fail and require a root canal and crown to preserve the tooth; continue reading to learn more.

What Caused My Filling to Fail?

Amalgam fillings, commonly known as “silver” fillings, are considerably durable, and when properly maintained, can last decades. In some situations, they may wear down, chip, or begin to experience leakage.

Some factors that may cause an amalgam filling to fail include:

When an amalgam filling fails, the tight seal between the filling and the tooth is eliminated, allowing bacteria to become trapped. Over time, the bacteria eats away at the tooth structure beneath the filling and causes decay. It’s likely that you will experience sensitivity, inflammation, and even pain.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal and Crown?

If the decay is allowed to progress, it has the potential to reach the central nerve of the tooth and expose it. Once the nerve of the tooth has been exposed, the tooth will become extremely sensitive and, in most cases, painful.

Once the decay has progressed to this point, the only way to preserve the tooth is to conduct a root canal, in which both the decay as well as the nerve of the tooth are removed. The nerve is replaced with a synthetic material, and the tooth is restored with a temporary filling material until the tooth can be prepared for a crown. The tooth is then covered with a protective crown in order to prevent the tooth from fracturing. Once the natural nerve and blood vessels are replaced by a synthetic material, the tooth faces a high risk of fracture.

Better Aesthetics, Better Protection

The crown that is placed over the tooth after it is finished being restored will be closely matched to mimic the look of your natural teeth.

You’ll find that the look of the crown is considerably more aesthetically pleasing than the amalgam fillings, as it will be almost impossible to discern it from a natural tooth. If you previously experienced any insecurities about the look of your teeth, you will be now be able to have full confidence in your smile.

The crown will also provide an exceptional level of protection for your tooth in order to ensure the longevity and survival of the tooth.

For more information about replacing an old amalgam filling with a root canal and crown in San Jose, give us a call anytime at (408) 266-6144. Willow Glen Dental Center is here to help you preserve the health and longevity of your smile.

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