What are PRR Fillings?

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What are PRR Fills?

PRR stands for “Preventive Resin Restoration”. They are most commonly referred to as dental sealants.

PRR’s are thin coatings of resin that are applied directly to the chewing surface of the tooth to create a protective layer against decay. They are better than dental sealants  because the sealant does not last as long. When sealants chip off, the can create a deeper groove where bacteria and food debris can be trapped. Seventy five  percent of tooth decay begins in the deep grooves of the teeth; this is because the harmful bacteria become trapped, and may not always be thoroughly removed with brushing. PRR fillings help fill the grooves and provide a protective barrier between the tooth and any harmful bacteria or debris that comes in contact with the chewing surface of the tooth.

Am I a Candidate for PRR Fillings?

PRR fills are typically suggested for most children ages 6-16. This is mainly due to the fact that this is the window of age in which children start erupting  adult teeth. This is when it is best to cover the deep grooves with a PRR fill. This is done in stages as the teeth erupt.

Preventive resin restorations may also be suggested for adults that are prone to cavities, have a habit of grinding their teeth, or have teeth with deep grooves. Elders and individuals with disabilities may also be recommended to pursue PRR fills as an extra layer of protection and security for their teeth.

How are PRR Fillings Placed?

The actual placement process for PRR fillis relatively quick and simple.

The tooth’s  grooves are thoroughly cleaned and dried.  An etching solution is applied to ensure that there will be no issue with the bonding to the surface of the tooth. The tooth is then rinsed and dried once more. The dentist will then place a bonding agent and then the PRR fill on the tooth, and it will  be cured with a UV light  The PRR fills can last upwards of fifteen years, though the lifespan of the treatment typically varies from patient to patient.

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