What’s The Difference Between A Partial Denture And A Complete Denture?


Why Do I Need Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic devices that are placed into the mouth to replace missing teeth. While most people may think that dentures are simply used for aesthetic purposes, they actually help preserve the alignment of the teeth and help improve the overall quality of life for the patient.

When a tooth is removed from the mouth, the surrounding teeth begin to shift in order to “close the gap”. Many people will find that over time, the space in which a tooth previously existed may be taken up by adjacent teeth, which actually begin to move in a sideways motion towards the empty space. This can lead to difficulties with the patient’s bite, and can be a source of embarrassment due to the crookedness of the teeth. 

The use of a partial denture will keep the space filled, will prevent the rest of the teeth from shifting and help in chewing..

In the case of a full-edentulous patient (no teeth), once the teeth have been removed,a full prosthesis is placed.  Many patients have difficulty at first adapting to a full denture. However, once they get used to it, many patients are happy.  Over time, the bone recedes and this can make it harder for the patient to wear a denture comfortably. For this reason, the dentist may recommend bone replacement at the time of extraction of the tooth. Dentures also help patients regain and maintain their confidence. Our teeth are often the first thing others notice, and social events can be rather uncomfortable for those who don’t feel comfortable with showing their smile.

Partial Vs Full Dentures

Partial dentures are made for people who are missing only some of their natural teeth, designed to fit around the existing teeth in the mouth. The denture has clips that fit around “anchor” teeth and provides teeth to fill the smile line wherever necessary. No major changes to the diet are usually needed with partial dentures.

Complete (or full) dentures are designed to be a complete replica of an arch of teeth. The patient places it directly over their gums. In most cases, denture adhesive is used to keep the denture in place, since there are no anchor teeth for the prosthetic to attach to.  For many patients, the speech can be affected by a complete denture.

With full dentures, the patient will be asked to make certain adjustments to their diet. It is commonly asked that while wearing complete dentures, you:

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