Why Do I Need Crowns to Replace Fillings?

Will It Hurt?

Continue reading for more information about replacing fillings with dental crowns.

Why Is This Treatment Being Suggested for Me?

When you had the filling placed in your tooth, it is likely that you believed that you would not have to re-address the tooth unless the filling were to break or fail, and in the case that this occurred, you would only need another filling to continue to salvage the tooth.

While this is certainly possible in some cases, in others, a filling simply can no longer do the job.

Here are some examples of what causes fillings to fail or be replaced:

Why Replace With a Crown?

A dental crown is a strong dental prosthetic, usually comprised of a zirconia, metal and porcelain, that is made to be placed directly over the natural tooth in order to form a layer of protection. The crown is made to look exactly like a tooth, and in most cases is completely indistinguishable from a natural tooth to the naked eye.

In most cases, fillings are simpler to place and cheaper than a dental crown. However, some teeth do not have enough natural tooth structure present, and a filling is not strong enough to handle the stress of biting and chewing. A crown may serve as a larger initial investment, but it ensures the complete protection of the natural tooth which is far longer-lasting, and it provides an extremely attractive aesthetic appearance; they are available in wide selections of shades in order to provide a perfect match for the individual’s natural tooth shade.

If the filling has failed due to the new development of decay, it may not be advisable to replace it with another filling. As the dentist removes decay and more tooth structure is lost, the filling becomes larger, increasing the chances of the tooth breaking. If the tooth is filled and consequently covered with a crown, it has an additional layer of protection to ensure that no further decay can occur.

With the information you learned here, you will be better able to understand why it is better to replace a filling with a crown. For more information about dental crowns in San Jose, give us a call at (408) 266-6144.

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